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We prove that cost-effective recruitment exists
Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for SMEs

MunJob ATS (applicant tracking system) helps you as an entrepreneur and HR team to plan and publish effective job adds, receive job applications directly to the database and screen them quickly with good communication with applicants.

Quick applying only with email address and telephone number is easy and it's possible to complete the application later. We are constantly adding new innovative features to the recruitment platform to help entrepreneurs and job seekers save their time and money.

Thousands of jobs

You can find Finnish open jobs, which are updated daily, on our "Find a job" page. We are collecting job postings from several sources including our own clients. We are developing our search service and we would love to get also your comments and suggestions how to make your user experience better.

We can also analyze over 1 million job postings 2019-2022 in Finland according all used words and most required skills for example on some industry or region. Trends of using the words can be analyzed as well on the mentioned period.

How to make skills visible?

It is very important for you that, your CV stands out from the other job seekers. Therefore, it is essential to have all keywords, your skills and competences in your CV-profile.

Check in our CV analyzing service what information the recruitment system with artificial intelligence (AI) finds in your CV. Analyzing of CV is free of charge!

Benefits and special features for SME entrepreneurs

Online tools for effective collaboration to match the right persons in recruiting.
Job add publishing

List your job at once to Facebook, Google, MunJob, Duunitori.fi, Oikotie.fi and other media channels.

Social media & Marketing

One listing platform, advertising and social sharing on a single point of contacts makes your life easier.

Reports & Statistics

General view of your recruiting marketing, results and trends at glance. Online reports and graphics on your dashboard.

Screening of job applications

Easy screening & sorting of applications. Communication with applicants and video interviews.

Do you have any questions ?

Cost effective recruitment and skill management tools especially for you! 
HR and Management departments has offen lack of time, money and/or recruiting skills. At MunJob, we have developed innovative tools to streamline your recruitment and staff management processes, saving you time and resources. If you need help, our professionals on our platform are ready to help you just where it is needed!

Skill Mapping Tool (SkillMap) from MunJob!

Unleash the full power of your employees skills ! 
Are you faced with challenge of accurately capturing and organizing your employee's diverse skills and capabilities? With our innovative Skill Mapping Tool, you can now unlock the full potential of your workforce. Gain insights about skill sets, bridge skill gaps and chart pathways for growth and employment. Explore a new level of HR efficiency and strategic planning by clicking button below.

MunJob ATS pricing for employers

Self service

This economical service package is good for 'Do it yourself' needs.

50-960 € / year + VAT 24%
according to the number of users

  • Job listing web page
  • Receiving of applications
  • Applicant screening
  • Applicant communication
  • A hiring dashboard
  • Reports
  • Statistics


Includes all what you need as an employer. You can use also additional recruiting services from various service providers according your needs.

100-1500 € / year + VAT 24 %
according to the number of users

  • Self service package +
  • Listing to media channels
  • Use of employer pool
  • Advertising channels
  • Recruiting consulting option
  • Extended support
  • Video interview feature available with additional charge

Full Service package

Full service package is tailored with recruiting consultant according your needs.
From 1500 € + VAT / a job

Recruiting consultant does for you:

  • Job listing web page and texts
  • Photos and recruiting video
  • Listings to media channels
  • Receiving of applications
  • Applicant screening
  • Applicant communication
  • A hiring dashboard
  • Reports
  • Statistics
  • Search in CV pool
  • Recruiting consulting, assessments
  • Extended support
  • Video interviews