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CNC Machinist, Global Work, Lappeenranta

Global Work is a responsible and trustworthy recruiting company. Our services include Insights Disc: coaching of manager, team and interaction skills; Glow coaching for the staff and managers and Glow career services i.e. the relocating of staff, renting of staff and national and international recruiting. Global work offers solutions for organizations in challenging field of recruiting the staff.
For more information visit www.globalwork.fi

EURES (European Employment Services) and Global work are recruiting an experienced CNC machinist (turning) for our client company to make paper factory service.

Essential Duties/ Responsibilities
-Ability to use long (HEYLIGENSTAED 650 ES / 4000 CNC, Heidenhain MANUELplus 4110 CNC) CNC machin independently (turning).
-Ability to make programming (Heidenhain MANUELplus 4110 CNC), measure and machine billet pieces into products.
-Ability to make independent machining service to big parts, for example paper machine rolls.

Experience/ Education
-Experience from Heidenhain MANUELplus 4110 CNC programming.
-Familiar with the use of long horizontal turning CNC machine.
-Degree in Advanced Special Studies of CNC machining.

Other skills and Qualities
-Ability to interpret technical structure pictures.
-Eager to become a versatile professional in machinery business.
-Willing to work cooperatively for a longer period of time.
-Ability to develop the work both independently and as a part of a team.
-Good English skills.

-Based on work tasks, salary request.

Send your application as soon as possible/ before 31.12.2020. We process applications already during the application period.

Send your application to eures.pohjois-savo@te-toimisto.fi

Hear more about the job opportunity and take part on a MessiLive.fi broadcast at the MessiLive.fi -site, the YouTube -channel or the Facebook page and ask questions through the chat box. Broadcasts are on 24th November at 2pm (in english, 1st December at 2pm (translated in bulgarian language) 8th December at 2pm (translated in romanian language).

For more information: Sami Hänninen, Global Work gsm (+358) 400 835 470.

Learn more on www.globalwork.fi

What is EURES and what it can do for you: https://ec.europa.eu/eures/public/what-can-eures-do-for-you-?

Wellcome to Finland: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZslYLYzwIO8
Työ alkaa
As agreed
Palkattavien lukumäärä
Työn kesto
Yli 12 kuukautta
Työsuhteen tyyppi
Työsuhteen tyyppi
Vakituinen työ, Asuntomahdollisuus
Datan lähde
Tärkeimmät tiedot työpaikasta
Työpaikan sijainti
F.O. Virtasenkatu 6, 55100 IMATRA, Finland
Haku päättyy
For more information: Sami Hänninen, Global Work gsm (+358) 400 835 470.

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