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Matkaopas / Tour Guides, 30 paikkaa, Sunny Safari Oy, Rovaniemi, Rovaniemi

Sunny Safari is a customized tourism organization of safari activities and Destination Management Company (DMC) in Lapland area. Our main office located in Rovaniemi area.

Now, we offer Full-time working places from Autumn 2023 to Spring 2024 for the people who have related major or working/training experience about safari and tourism industry. The most important qualified qualities for the people that we are looking are: 1) Responsible; 2) Open and good at communication.

If you are thinking yourself don't have relevant majors or working experiences but still, you would like to try yourself on this. You are welcome also!

We believe that the working place we are provided, will be a great opportunity to obtain real experiences and knowledge about tourism industry and safari activities. You will also learn how to better communicate with people who come from all over the would. The most import thing is, we play with nature! The job provides you most of the time in outdoor. You might be like it!

The following job-positions are where we need employees:
1) Outdoor activity guide
2) Snowmobile guide
3) Office operator & Sales

The basic skills and knowledge that we require for employee are:
1) English communication skill (It will be a great advantage if you speak other languages).
2) Driving license
3) know well about local culture, custom, nature etc.

If you would like to join us or have any question, please don't feel hesitated to contact us by following ways:
Email: jobs@sunnysafari.fi / info@sunnysafari.fi
Phone: +358 (0)401895595 or +358 (0)442773228

We believe: Together, stronger!
Työ alkaa
01.10.2023 - 15.12.2023
Palkattavien lukumäärä
Työn kesto
3-6 kuukautta
Työsuhteen tyyppi
Työsuhteen tyyppi
Datan lähde
Tärkeimmät tiedot työpaikasta
Työpaikan sijainti
Tähtikuja 1, 96930 NAPAPIIRI ROVANIEMI, Finland
Haku päättyy
Timo SW. Phone: +358 (0)442773228 or +358 (0)401895595. E-mail: jobs@sunnysafari.fi
+358(0)442773228, +358(0)401895595

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