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Privacy policy




MunJob is committed to protecting the privacy of the users of its services in accordance with GDPR, the Personal Data Act, the Information Society Framework, the Data Protection Act for Working Life and other applicable legislation.

1 Purpose of personal data processing

The purpose of processing personal data is managing and maintaining the customer relationship between MunJob and the users of the service. The information is used to identify the user of the service and to activate, implement, manage, invoicing the service, as well as for customer information and feedback surveys. In addition, the information can be used for direct marketing of MunJob or its partners. Register data can also be used to plan and develop MunJob's business and services, as well as to measure number of customers.

2 Collected personal data

of MunJob's service are job seekers and employer companies or organizations that use the service for skills and competence management and recruitment purposes.

The job seeker fills in or sends his/her information to the service themselves or via his/her legal representative (agent). The service can store the following information about the job seeker and the user of the service:

  • Name, contact information and social security number (postal address, e-mail address, telephone number)
  • Work experience, competence, language and other skills, work and study certificates
  • Interests
  • Age, gender or sensitive information, if you decide to provide such information
  • One or more pictures and/or videos
  • Information about third parties, such as referrers or contacts
  • Direct marketing prohibition and consent
  • Credit card number and billing information
  • Service usage information
  • Other possible information provided by the user

Following information is saved about the Organization's contact person:

  • name, title/occupation and contact information (postal address, e-mail address, telephone number)

3 Cookies

The site uses cookies to implement and develop services, to improve the site's user experience, and to target marketing.

A cookie is a text file sent to the user's own computer and stored there. Cookies do not damage users' computers or files. Cookies are used to collect e.g. the following information: which website the user accessed the service from, downloaded pages, browser type, screen resolution, operating system, language selection, time, IP address. The user can disable cookies in the browser settings. If the function is turned off, this may result operation of some services being slowed down or access to some websites being blocked completely.

Mun Job's website uses an analytics tool. The application of the analytics tool uses cookies, which can be used to compile statistics on the use of websites and analyze the use of the site. In addition, MunJob uses information collected from the use of the site, so-called commercial cookies, also e.g. for producing targeted advertising for a specific browser. Audience segments are created from the data based on which websites specific browsers have visited during a specific period of time. Based on the target group segments, the user is targeted with advertising that is likely to interest them. In this way, the user can be shown current and useful advertising messages. Advertisers and advertising networks target advertising based on behavioral data collected from MunJob pages.

MunJob uses all features of Google User ID and Analytics (User-ID policy) and combine the collected information with other information provided by the user.

4 Information sources and disclosures

Information is obtained from the users of the service themselves or via their agents when they register as a user of the service or update their information. In addition, information is obtained when the user otherwise uses the service. Some of the information stored in the service is public and can be read by all users of the service. The user can also set their profile to inactive mode, in which case the information is not publicly visible to all users of the service.

Information is disclosed to users participating in the recruitment and/or skills management or to parties interested in the information stored in the service, the performance of the service authorized or ordered by the user.

Information is released to users authorized by MunJob participating in recruitment and talent management and those interested in the stored information.

5 Data viewing and management

The user can view or edit their data through the service. Data viewing and management is determined by the services used.

The user can choose whether he wants to receive messages related to MunJob's offers.

The user has the right to check and correct the personal data stored about him/her. The user can update and/or check their personal information through the service or by contacting tel. +358-442700440 or janne.kyllonen (a)munjob.com.

6 Subcontractors and data transfers outside the EU or EEA

MunJob has the right to use subcontractors in providing and implementing its services. In this case, personal data can be transferred to subcontractors to the extent that it is necessary to implement the services (e.g. to store data on a server managed by a third party).

Data is not transferred outside the EU or EEA and the personal data register is located on secure servers in the EU area. However, an individual user of the service (for example, an employer) may be outside the EU or EEA and he can view and process data in accordance with his user rights at his location.

7 Protection of personal data

Necessary technical and organizational data security measures are used to protect personal data against unauthorized access, disclosure, disposal or other unauthorized processing. Such means are e.g. the use of encryption technologies, firewalls and protected equipment spaces, camera and access control, limiting and monitoring access rights, training and instructing the personnel involved in the processing of personal data and committing subcontractors to the appropriate level of data protection and information security through contracts and instructions.

8 Data retention periods

The user's data is stored only as long as is necessary to fulfill the purposes defined in point 1 above, in accordance with the legislation in force at any given time.

If the user has not logged into the service in the last eighteen (18) months, the user may be asked to renew their access rights. Unless the user renews their right of use or the user's customer relationship or other basis for processing personal data has ended, the user's personal data can be deleted, transferred to a permanent marketing register or changed in such a way that the subject of the data can no longer be identified from them.

9 Changes to the privacy policy

We are constantly developing our services and reserve the right to change this privacy statement by announcing it in the service.

10 Contact information

Questions, comments and requests regarding this privacy policy are welcome at tel. +358-442700440 or janne.kyllonen (a)munjob.com.


MunJob Oy's privacy statements

Everyone has the right to know what information about them is stored in different registers.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679) provides for the right to inspect data, the implementation of the right to inspect and the correction of data. The privacy statements of the personal registers containing customer and partnership data that MunJob Oy uses are broken down by personal register below.

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